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How to compare vCard address book entries

Following a little mishap with the DAVdroid app on my Fire HDX Android tablet, I ended up with a lot of duplicate contacts in my CardDAV account. Upon closer inspection I then noticed, that in the process of copying the contacts from the local contact store (on my Blackberry smartphone) to the CardDAV account, certain contact details had been lost and spurious characters (like spaces and question marks) introduced.

How to get Mezzanine up and running on cPanel shared hosting

The follwing articles were of much use when switching this weblog from the no longer maintained Nucleus to Mezzanine, a modern blog and content management system, based on the Django web application framework and Python:

Manual restore of Android databases fails

As described in my earlier post, it is wise to create regular backups of your apps and data to SD card.

Android firmware updates for the LG GW620

The OpenEtna community provides firmware updates for the GW620 phone by LG, which originally came with Android 1.5.