Android firmware updates for the LG GW620


The OpenEtna community provides firmware updates for the GW620 phone by LG, which originally came with Android 1.5.

After using the Korean Android 2.2 (Froyo) update provided by LG for a while, I then took the leap to OpenEVE Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for usability reasons
(2.2 was pretty laggy sometimes).

  1. Make a backup of your apps and data to SD card (this assumes you start off a rooted Froyo firmware with busybox installed) using adb shell or the local Android terminal:
    busybox tar cvf /mnt/sdcard/Backup/Full_20110621.tar /system /data
  2. Reboot your device in fastboot mode (please note that mode might not be available, if you have upgraded to Froyo V20 using the offical LG KDZ updater for WIndows): Remove battery, then hook up USB cable while pressing Menu+Space
  3. Backup your old boot and system images using fastboot and a recovery image: fastboot boot gb-recovery.img
  4. Reset the device settings: fastboot -w
  5. Flash the boot image: fastboot flash boot boot234.img
  6. Flash the system image: fastboot flash system system234.img
  7. Apply ZIP patches from SD card using fastboot to ClockWork Mod recovery image: fastboot boot gb-recovery.img
    Apply &
  8. Untar your backup from SD card locally and push back data, as required, e.g.:
    adb push contacts2.db /data/data/
    adb push calendar.db /data/data/
    adb push mmssms.db /data/data/
    adb push note_pad.db /data/data/org.openintents.notepad/databases
    adb push shopping.db /data/data/
    adb push mytracks.db /data/data/
    adb push safe /data/data/
    adb push database /data/data/com.timsu.astrid/databases

Depending on the image used, you might have to change the permissions for the files to be able to overwrite them: chmod 666 ... (and back to chmod 660 ... after the push). Also check that the uid/gid combination still agrees with the app directory and adjust using busybox chown app_xy:app_xy ... (unless you are doing a device shell restore via busybox tar, but even then the uid/gid combination might have changed for the new installation)!
For more details please refer to the OpenEtna forum.
Infos on manual backups of Android databases may be found here.

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