How to dual-boot Windows physically and virtually

While this is no longer possible with Windows Activation Technologies in Win 7, Windows XP allows using Hardware Profiles for a shared installation that can be run either physically or virtually (e.g. using the KVM virtualization stack built into recent Linux kernels, which is a lot more convenient than VMWare Player with its kernel module dependencies, at the price of 3D graphics acceleration).

The recommended sequence for such a setup:

How to repair an ext3 filesystem after mkdosfs format

After shrinking a large ext3 partition using gparted to make space for an additional partition, I did not take sufficient care to notice the leading partition I newly created with cfdisk subsequently was denoted as sdc2 instead of sdc1, as one might expect.

How to boot a real harddisk in VMWare

The knack is to install the VMWare SCSI driver (included with VMWare Tools) before booting the SATA or PATA harddisk.