22 January

A useful application of mobile phone cameras

Snapping photos of business cards was one of the reasons I chose a business phone with cam - even though OCR has to be done off-board, sadly. Now, a 2D Barcode Reader would be a real treat, provided more and more business cards utilize QRcodes in the near future! A sensible business feature for the top of the line Nokia business handset, I'd say...

As I don't own the N73 or N80, I researched a few alternatives to Nokia's offering:

  1. UpCode (they seem to use DataMatrix barcode technology, as opposed to QRcodes - see below). Albeit a general UI sluggishness the actual recognition is pretty good.

  2. Kaywa Reader seems to make do with even older camera technology (although I couldn't give it a try yet, due to lack of support for S60 3rd Edition)...

  3. Scanlife Version 3.0QR (which is available from Nokia Taiwan) - the results are very impressive, even with the dingy 2MP fix-focus cam of my E70 and using a LCD screen as source ;)! That program handles QRcodes, which have the major benefit of support for vCards (at least I have so far not found any possibility of creating DataMatrix codes with directly embedded vCards)!

The next logical step is on-board OCR for which, like in the case of QRcodes, Asia leads the way...
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