01 May

E70 Firmware Update

The Nokia Software Update to 3.0633.09.04 fried my E70 - probably an issue with german product codes (in my case 0526204): I ran into "software update failed" at 100% on the completion gauge with 2 Nokia logos and "test mode" on the E70 screen. Battery removal only causes a "System Error" after the white bootup screen (before even asking for the PIN, no Nokia logo during startup).

According to the local Service Point I took the phone to after that, this has happened others as well...

The Service Point was unable to complete the flash using USB equipment as well (they did not have the E70 flash equipment for the system board connector, I wonder if that is because of the E70 not being a mass phone like the NSeries?) and wanted to send the phone in to central service (for the usual 2-3 weeks).

Luckily though, I came across a post on Nokia Discussions recommending a reset on boot by holding "3" + "*" + "Green/Pickup Call" while powering up and booting. We held that three finger salute after pressing the power button and throughout the Nokia logo bootup screen and guess what: The phone asked for the city/timezone, as was to be expected for factory settings!

Also, the firmware version shown is 3.0633.09.04 now, so the flash did actually work - my assumption is that the NSU choked on some setting or data on the phone...

Thus it might be advisable to reset the phone using the three finger salute described above before attempting the NSU upgrade?
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