12 June

Adding certificates to a Nokia E-Series phone

It's rather annoying to have those popups warning me about untrusted SSL certificates when downloading mail securely using IMAPS.
So here's how to add X509 certificates to a Nokia S60 certificate store.

If you don't have the certificate at hand, download it - e.g. like that for IMAPS (Port 993):

openssl s_client -connect > imap.pem

Then convert that to DER format:

openssl x509 -in imap.pem -out imap.der -outform der

The last step is changing the extension to *.crt for the phone to recognize the MIME type correctly:

mv imap.der imap.crt

Now transfer to the phone, for instance via MiniSD card, OBEX or PC Suite, and simply open imap.crt in S60 file manager...

A slightly simpler case is adding CACert's root certificate, the free SSL certificate provider for my website - just open the respective URI, rename appropriately and transfer to the phone as before:


mv class3.der class3.crt
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