05 June

Helpful software for Series60 3rd Edition mobile phones

Smartphones have become rather powerful little devices you always have on your person, whatever the time or situation.

In case of devices running the Symbian Series60 operating system you have a large choice of freely available native software helpful in most diverse situations. And this is on top of the usual Java Micro Edition applications you are limited to on more proprietary platforms like Nokia's entry line Series40, many Sony-Ericsson phones based on their Java Platform or Blackberry messaging devices. Naturally, with the advent of the iPhone, all manufacturers are in the process of redefining their product line in that application platform respect. [Read More!]
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12 June

Adding certificates to a Nokia E-Series phone

It's rather annoying to have those popups warning me about untrusted SSL certificates when downloading mail securely using IMAPS.
So here's how to add X509 certificates to a Nokia S60 certificate store. [Read More!]
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01 May

E70 Firmware Update

The Nokia Software Update to 3.0633.09.04 fried my E70 - probably an issue with german product codes (in my case 0526204): I ran into "software update failed" at 100% on the completion gauge with 2 Nokia logos and "test mode" on the E70 screen. Battery removal only causes a "System Error" after the white bootup screen (before even asking for the PIN, no Nokia logo during startup).

According to the local Service Point I took the phone to after that, this has happened others as well... [Read More!]
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09 March

The quest for a free password manager on my new E70

While I am rather happy with the E70 smartphone so far, one thing I sorely miss, is a password manager on the device.
After some research I undertook the endeavour to install kedpm on my E70 (with PyS60), as I require a free and secure password manager that is available on both, handset and PC (jfreesafe is lacking categories and there is no J2SE version, it seems)... [Read More!]
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22 January

A useful application of mobile phone cameras

Snapping photos of business cards was one of the reasons I chose a business phone with cam - even though OCR has to be done off-board, sadly. Now, a 2D Barcode Reader would be a real treat, provided more and more business cards utilize QRcodes in the near future! A sensible business feature for the top of the line Nokia business handset, I'd say... [Read More!]
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06 January

Introducing the new Nokia E70 smartphone

Switched from my OPIE palmtop, that served me well for over two years to a Nokia Smartphone based on the Symbian Series60 platform. Mainly I wanted to consolidate my gadgetry into a more integrated device (in conjunction with a new mobile plan). [Read More!]
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